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In addition to his work as a storyteller, Michael Lang is also a writer. He has volunteered in the past as both a freelance writer and editor for G.O.L.D. System Games, and is currently working on a number of picture books, short stories, and novels. Michael’s writing spans from non-fiction anecdotes of his life to fantasy, sci-fi, and works of historical fiction. Several samples of his writing are posted below, including “Kidney Transplant: My Family’s Journey,” a short story that was featured in the January, 2011 issue of Kaleidoscope Magazine, and also awarded an honorable mention in the 2011 Writers-Editors International Short Story Contest. The stories posted below are the intellectual property of Michael Lang, and may not be reproduced without Michael's permission.


Non-Fiction Short Stories




The Chronicles of Abaton


The "Chronicles of Abaton" were written by Michael Lang while he volunteered for G.O.L.D. System Games as a freelance writer. Modeled after the sagas of old, each volume of the ongoing story was crafted from available game notes and staff interviews in order to acurately tell the tale from a single season of their Live Action Role Playing game - Legends of Light and Darkness.

Michael Lang shares intellectual ownership of these stories with the owners of G.O.L.D. System Games and Legends of Light and Darkness.




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