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The Coyote's Corner - A YouTube Video Series


Through The Coyote’s Inkwell, Michael Lang offers fun and engaging storytelling programs that can be tailored to suit almost any audience, theme, or event.


His “Story Time” programs generally run from a half hour in length to a full hour, and are designed to entertain and inspire the imagination.From tricksters and giants, to moving the stars, there’s a lesson to be found in every story, and Michael’s “Words of Wisdom” programs highlight these moments through facilitated discussions.


In addition, Michael offers “Curriculum-Based Storytelling” programs to enrich and enhance educational curriculum. Taking an outcome-oriented approach, he closely collaborates with teachers, parents, and other professionals to select and develop storytelling programs that will appropriately reinforce classroom lessons.


Where Does Michael Lang Perform?


Michael performs his stories at a variety of different venues. From preschoolers to seniors, he has entertained audiences of all ages. Michael performs at schools, festivals, cafes, and more!


Whether entertaining at a birthday party, or teaching lessons through song and sotry, Michael is always excited to share his tales with any audience!


Michael Lang's Stories


Many of the stories that Michael tells are adaptations of folktales, fables, and myths from around the world. He also writes his own stories as well.

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Storytelling Workshops


Using Your Voice


Everyone has a story to share, but sometimes, that story can be hard to tell—especially when it involves talking about a disability or personal experiences. Using storytelling, group discussion, and fun as his medium, Michael Lang teaches the basic elements that every story needs, and along the way, how to “Use Your Voice”  for self-advocacy and public speaking.


Stories of the Stars


Since our ancestors first looked up at the night sky, there have been stories about the constellations—the pictures that people saw in the stars. Whether sitting around a campfire or studying in a classroom, Michael Lang uses these stories to inspire the imagination, entertain, and educate audiences of all ages


Michael Lang has been working with the students of Mr. Lee's class at Moharimet Elementary School since September of 2012, sharing stories about the stars on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, while they learn about astronomy, and work in their writing to journals to create their own stories about the stars.


Let's Tell A Story


Through the use of group storytelling, Michael Lang fosters respect, cooperation, and collaboration. He guides and facilitates the experience, using group discussion with the goal of working as “one community” to create one story.



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