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Only Good News interview, 2017


Welcome to The Coyote's Inkwell


From folk heroes and fairies to dragons and wizards, The Coyote's Inkwell invites listeners of all ages to let their imaginations take flight on the wings of folktales, fables, and other stories from around the world.


Grandmother's Basket, a Cherokee story retold by Michael Lang

Origin of the "River of Untold Stories"



Whether telling an original tale or putting a new twist on an old favorite, writer and storyteller Michael Lang crafts his stories to entertain, educate, and inspire!


While exploring The Coyote's Inkwell, keep in mind that stories "by" Michael Lang are his original works, and shouldn't be reproduced without his permission. Stories "retold by" him, however, are his versions of stories that come from myth and folklore. Stories are meant to be told and passed on, and though a part of every story belongs to everyone who tells them, it is important to pay respect to the people who created these stories, regardless of whether or not we know their names. Enjoy the stories presented here, and explore on to learn more about Michael Lang and the services that he offers.


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